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Indianapolis Business Journal Articles

Mickey Kim, CFA is chief operating/compliance officer for Kirr, Marbach & Company. He writes a bi-weekly investing column for the Indianapolis Business Journal.

The opinions expressed in these articles are those of the author as of the date the article was published. These opinions have not been updated or supplemented and may not reflect the author’s views today. The information provided in these articles does not provide information reasonably sufficient upon which to base an investment decision and should not be considered a recommendation to purchase or sell any particular stock or other investment.
KIM: Start of 2017 a welcome mirror image of 2016
published Apr 22, 2017
KIM: Could ‘Tontines’ from 1653 fix today’s retirement savings crisis?
published Apr 08, 2017
On eve of Masters, “Lefty and the Gambler” a cautionary tale
published Mar 25, 2017
KIM: Buffett lauds market system, immigrants for America’s abundance
published Mar 11, 2017
KIM: “Dow Tops 20000” a great headline, but DJIA a flawed market indicator
published Feb 25, 2017
KIM: Love or despise Patriots, but follow their “play to win” approach for investing success
published Feb 11, 2017
KIM: Millennials, time in the market more important than timing the market
published Jan 28, 2017
KIM: 2017 Outlook and Lessons (Re-) Learned in 2016
published Jan 14, 2017
KIM: Stop “keeping up with the Joneses” in 2017
published Dec 31, 2016
KIM: Letting go is one investment you’ll never regret
published Dec 17, 2016
KIM: STAY a high quality hotel chain at a bargain price
published Dec 03, 2016
KIM: Holiday gifts to 529 College Savings Plans last a lifetime
published Nov 19, 2016
KIM: Be wary of mutual fund capital gain distribution season
published Nov 05, 2016
KIM: High time to sharpen executive pay clawbacks
published Oct 22, 2016
KIM: What is the Federal Reserve how does it raise or lower interest rates?
published Oct 08, 2016
KIM: Farewell to a friend—September 11, 2001
published Sep 10, 2016
KIM: Fireworks galore, but Powerball still a lousy “investment”
published Aug 27, 2016
KIM: Don’t mix your portfolio with politics
published Aug 13, 2016
KIM: Free online course unlocks “secrets” to financial success
published Jul 30, 2016
KIM: The “Brexit Panic”—we’ve seen this movie before
published Jul 16, 2016
KIM: EB-5 program—Cash-for-visas boondoggle?
published Jul 02, 2016
KIM: Investors can’t grow wealth being scared
published Jun 18, 2016
KIM: Why Phil Mickelson owes insider trading mulligan to recent court ruling
published Jun 04, 2016
KIM: Will upcoming election give investors performance anxiety?
published May 21, 2016
KIM: Purdue invests in students’ success with Back a Boiler—ISA Fund
published May 07, 2016
KIM: NFL Draft reveals behavioral finance truths
published Apr 23, 2016
KIM: Stock market’s first quarter roller-coaster ride not unusual
published Apr 09, 2016
KIM: Beware of new “Crowdfunding” investment opportunities
published Mar 26, 2016
KIM: Buffett to skeptics: America’s NEVER been greater
published Mar 12, 2016
KIM: Simple map to financial freedom found on index card
published Feb 27, 2016
KIM: Beware of bull market in apocalyptic forecasts
published Feb 13, 2016
KIM: Herd mentality dangerous for NFL coaches and investors
published Jan 30, 2016
KIM: Strength of largest stocks masked pain of average stock in 2015
published Jan 16, 2016
KIM: Junk fund investors: Welcome to the Hotel California
published Jan 02, 2016
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