Fear More Contagious Than COVID-19


FEAR MORE CONTAGIOUS THAN COVID-19 March 17, 2020 There is one thing more contagious and dangerous than COVID-19; that is fear. Not only does fear and anxiety weaken our immune system (we physically become more susceptible to illness), it also wreaks havoc on our decision making. We all want to make [...]

Fear More Contagious Than COVID-192020-04-01T14:48:57-04:00

Stay Calm, Stay In And Stay The Course


STAY CALM, STAY IN AND STAY THE COURSE March 9, 2020 These past few weeks have been historic in terms of market volatility.  Panic seems to be reaching a crescendo today, with stock market “circuit breakers” kicking in for the first time since the Great Financial Crisis of a decade ago.  [...]

Stay Calm, Stay In And Stay The Course2020-04-01T11:15:27-04:00
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