Separate Accounts

  • You own a portfolio of individual securities (from 100% Stocks/0% Bonds to 0% Stocks/100% Bonds (depending upon your goals and risk tolerance), held and safeguarded by an independent, third-party qualified Custodian.

  • You receive a monthly statement detailing assets and transactions from the Custodian. Additionally, each quarter you receive a performance report, client letter, and follow-up phone call to address any questions.

  • Minimum initial investment: $100,000.

Mutual Fund

  • You own shares of a “pooled vehicle” invested 100% in stocks. Instead of owning a portfolio of individual securities, you own a proportional share of the entire portfolio.

  • Minimum initial investment: $1,000.

  • To learn more about Kirr, Marbach Partners Value Fund, visit our website here.