2022 Q3 Client Letter


Dear Clients: The financial markets and economy have been hit by their own metaphorical Hurricane Ian in 2022.  Following a brief respite in July, stocks ended the third quarter firmly in “bear market” territory (down more than 20%).  Bonds, historically considered “safe” investments compared with stocks, have also been crushed, as the [...]

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2022 Q1 Client Letter


Dear Clients: We explained in our Q4-2021 Client Letter (January 12, 2022) why we believed 2021 was a high-return, low-volatility “unicorn.” Our counsel was to expect more modest returns in 2022.  Additionally, with the Federal Reserve (“Fed”) poised to begin removing emergency stimulus measures implemented at the start of the pandemic-induced economic [...]

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2021 Q4 Client Letter


Dear Clients: Kirr, Marbach client equity portfolios had excellent performance in 2021, both on an absolute and relative basis.  Though we never focus on short-term performance, we’re very pleased with this outcome, particularly given “Value” underperformed “Growth” (yet again) and The Wall Street Journal reported some 85% of actively-managed funds were on [...]

2021 Q4 Client Letter2022-01-14T14:26:29-05:00

2021 Q2 Client Letter


Dear Clients: Though we never focus on short-term performance, we are nonetheless pleased client equity portfolios had solid performance in the second quarter of 2021, building on the stellar gains from the fourth quarter of 2020 and first quarter of 2021.  We’re invested alongside you and are quite satisfied with where we [...]

2021 Q2 Client Letter2021-07-06T10:36:22-04:00

2021 Q1 Client Letter


Dear Clients: What a difference 12-months makes!  The U.S. stock market bottomed on March 23, 2020 after the S&P 500 Index had plunged a harrowing 34% in just 23 trading days, it’s most rapid meltdown in history.  Many Investors were understandably shell-shocked and nobody could have predicted stocks would be at record [...]

2021 Q1 Client Letter2021-04-09T11:03:17-04:00
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