Quick Takes: Health Savings Accounts

In our latest episode of Quick Takes, Kirr, Marbach’s Associate Directors of Client Service Zach Greiner, CFP® and Maggie Kamman, CFP® cover Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), the tax-advantaged accounts used to save for qualified medical expenses for individuals covered under high-deductible health plans. Learn more about all of the benefits HSA accounts provide, including why they are considered “triple-tax-free”. With prudent planning, HSA accounts can help set you up for success with covering medical expenses in retirement – covering a broader variety of costs than what is typically covered by insurance. HSA accounts can even be used as a quasi-“rainy-day fund” if again planned for correctly. Click below to listen and learn about all of these things and more, and be sure to reach out to Zach at zach@kirrmar.com or Maggie at maggie@kirrmar.com if we can provide guidance related to your specific situation.

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