Not Knowing the Difference Between Speculating and Investing Can Be Disastrous to Your Financial Health – Podcast

Given these are exciting and dangerous times for inexperienced investors being lured to and encouraged to “trade your way to prosperity” by commission-free brokerage platforms like Robinhood, educating the next generation of investors is one of our initiatives for 2021. Associate Directors of Client Service Zach Greiner, CFP and Maggie Kamman, CFP, CMA explore the important difference between investing and speculating and discuss how compound interest is the best tool to ensure you meet your financial goals.

The opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the participants as of the date the podcast was recorded. These opinions have not been updated or supplemented and may not reflect their views today. The information provided in these podcasts do not provide information reasonably sufficient upon which to base an investment decision and should not be considered a recommendation to purchase or sell any particular stock or other investment.


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